Tunde Ednut Reacts To The Arrest of VeryDarkMan

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Tunde Ednut, a popular blogger, has responded to the arrest of controversial critic, Verydarkman.

According to him, the controversial critic would gain popularity after he was released from prison.

Recall that a controversial activist was detained on Friday for allegedly cyberbullying actress Tonto Dikeh.

Following his detention, Tunde stated that Verydarkman would acquire fame once he regained his freedom, implying that the same pattern could be seen with other persons who had previously been detained by authorities.

Tunde Ednut, via his Instagram profile, stated that Verydarkman will be OK because it is a civil lawsuit.

His words are:

The funny thing is that when VeryDarkMan comes out, he will become more popular.
”Have you ever noticed that anytime Police arrests someone in Nigeria, you become bigger and more popular once you get Now, it is what you do with it immediately you come out that matters. He will be fine. Na civil case.”

In other news, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, a controversial crossdresser and self-proclaimed socialite better known as Bobrisky has responded to an attack by online personality VeryDarkman.

VeryDarkman had accused Bobrisky of violating the country’s homosexuality laws and having links to important officials, which sparked the brawl.

For days, VeryDarkman has been openly asking law enforcement to take action against Bobrisky, saying that the latter’s alleged violations are being hidden by political ties.

VeryDarkman also implied that Bobrisky’s lifestyle violated societal norms and should result in punishment.

In response, Bobrisky launched a harsh attack on VeryDarkman, challenging his financial situation and societal importance.

Bobrisky disputed VeryDarkman’s claims of prosperity, pointing to the condition of VeryDarkman’s living quarters and hinting at financial instability.

Bobrisky mocked his lifestyle, referring to VeryDarkman’s claimed sex profession and implying family disdain. Bobrisky went on to declare his financial success as well as his reluctance to participate in scandalous activity to remain relevant.

Bobrisky highlighted that he does not need to sell nudity to keep people’s interest like VeryDarkman reportedly does.

In his words:

“And who told him he’s now rich ? You are still broke bro. Are you not seeing ur room looking like shrine ? If police want to arrest anyone they should start from our no 1 prick seller President (very dark unfortunate boy )🤣🤣🤣. You give man hand job or you no give ? Ogun wan Kpa ur mama ni ? Wait first Shey na that small Gbola we all saw you dey advertise like dis ? Lmao hungry boy.

Why won’t you be pained I’m making more money 💰 and i don’t have to disgrace myself like dis to stay relevant. If you think Bob will run for you or won’t respond to you then ur mother must be m*d. Same way you no get shame me self no get 🤣🤣🤣. I didn’t reply you yesterday evening because I was busy making money.

I know you are following me with ur fake account, if not how do you see me flaunting dollars here ? read dis write up over and over I’m here to stay and win 🤣 and i don’t have to sell nude to anyone like you do 🤣. lastly I will be deleting dis in 2hrs have made my point and I’m very Sure he has seen my message to him. My page remain classy.”

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