Jeff Bezos Now World’s Richest Person, Check Out His Net Worth

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Jeff Bezos has reclaimed his status as the world’s richest man just months after losing the title.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index reported this. On Thursday, March 21, the founder of Amazon surpassed Bernard Arnault to become the world’s richest person.

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index indicates that Bezos’ net wealth is $201 billion.

His net wealth has increased by $2 billion, from $199 billion on March 20.

According to the journal, Bezos’ income comes from his e-commerce and cloud computing firm, Amazon, as well as his interests in the media and streaming sectors.

Arnault lost his top spot as his net worth declined by $3 billion in 24 hours, from $202 billion to $199 billion.

After the drop, Arnault, the owner of Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy (LVMH), is now rated second on the list of the world’s richest individuals. Arnault is characterized as an investor and art collector, with a portfolio of 75 fashion and cosmetics firms, including Sephora.

The French investor also controls Tiffany & Co., which he bought for $16 billion in 2021.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and X (previously Twitter), is in third place with a net worth of $189 billion, just behind the Frenchman.

Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook, ranks fourth with an estimated fortune of $179 billion, while Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, ranks fifth with an estimated net worth of $153 billion.

In other news, French lawmakers have adopted a bill making abortion a fundamental right for women in the country.

On Monday, the law was passed by an overwhelming 780-72 majority, and virtually the whole joint assembly stood in lengthy ovation.

Women’s rights advocates celebrated jubilantly across France, hailing the action promised by President Emmanuel Macron in response to a reversal of abortion rights in US court judgments.

Both chambers of parliament, the National Assembly, and the Senate have previously passed legislation amending Article 34 of the French Constitution to ensure a woman’s right to abortion.

In the run-up to the historic vote, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal addressed the 925 legislators assembled for the joint session in Versailles, urging them to make France a leader in women’s rights and set an example for other nations to follow.

“We have a moral debt to women,” Attal said. He paid tribute to Simone Veil, a prominent legislator, former health minister and key feminist who in 1975 championed the bill that decriminalized abortion in France.

“We have a chance to change history,” Attal said in a moving and determined speech. “Make Simone Veil proud,” he said to a standing ovation.

The lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, overwhelmingly approved the proposal in January. The Senate adopted the bill on Wednesday, clearing a key hurdle for legislation promised by Macron’s government, intended to make “a woman’s right to have an abortion irreversible.”

The legislation must be adopted by a three-fifths vote in the joint session.

None of France’s major political parties in parliament, including Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally and the conservative Republicans, have challenged the right to abortion. In prior votes in both chambers, several MPs voted against incorporating abortion directly into the constitution.

Le Pen, who won a record number of members in the National Assembly two years ago, stated on Monday that her party will support the measure but added that “there is no need to make this a historic day.”

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