“I Have Never Slept With A Man Before” – Verydarkman Clears The Air Amid Private Video Leak

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Popular activist Martins Vincent Otse, also known as Verydarkman, has reacted after Nigerians on social media including Bobrisky exposed some of his private videos.

VDM, who has had some online interactions with Bobrisky, had films from his past (when he was a sexual content provider) released online by the crossdresser.

Amid the rising social media buzz, Verydarkman turned to his Instagram page to address some of the allegations made against him.

He emphatically maintained that he never claimed to be a saint and had previously informed Nigerians what he did for money before turning a new leaf.

VDM went on to say that he had never slept with or performed oral sex on a male. However, he admits to giving a man a hand job.

Watch him talk below.

Recall that, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, a controversial personality, and self-proclaimed socialite also known as Bobrisky, has replied to the online personality VeryDarkman again after a few hours of fighting dirty online.

Both of them have been dragging each other, and Very Dark Man even had to apologize to the Police, Senate, and Bobrisky, which he declined.

Bobrisky is not done with Very Dark Man, as he turned to Instagram to reveal a stunning truth. He sent a snapshot of a link to a website where Very Dark Man reportedly appeared in gay p**n. Bobrisky did not spell down the name of the website, but it is visible in the screenshot he provided

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Bobrisky releases links to Very Dark Man's gay p**n videos.

Bobrisky has rarely lost an internet fight since he has evidence to back up his assertions, and this instance is no exception.

It all started after Verydarkman revealed a stunning fact regarding crossdresser Bobrisky. He said that prominent Nigerian politicians are sponsoring the crossdresser. He claimed this in a recent video posted to his social media profile.

This comes after Abuja-based crossdresser, Area Mama, said that he has been hooking up with different males in the area for years.

In response, Verydarkman stated that the fact that Bobrisky is still free is due to the involvement of many powerful men and politicians. He asked for Bobrisky’s arrest.

Remember that VDM, whose actual name is Martins Vincent Otse, posted a video on social media wondering why the cross-dresser had not been imprisoned for his lifestyle.

Bobrisky responded to his video on Instagram, calling him out.

He wrote:

“Now let me lecture that good for-nothing cow called very dark struggling boy. Don’t ever mention my name in ur ug*y life again. Address ur issues but don’t ever mention my name or compare me to anyone. Listen and read dis again me I will deal with you.
Those people you all look down on are the most strongest and powerful don’t dare me. Those people you said they are sleeping with me will be the ones that will help me and lock u up. Since ur mouth has no Bustop you just put ur mouth in everything that doesn’t involve you it’s fine but don’t involve my name. Dis is the second time you are involving my name in ur video.
The last one will shock you. Your s*x video are everywhere mine are not anywhere because I don’t live a use*ess life like you do. Na you come find me then again I had to respond.”
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