No Matter How Rich I Am, Once I’m In a Relationship I’m Broke — Saida Boj

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Saida Boj, a Nigerian influencer, has revealed the issues she faces when in a relationship.

According to her, being in a relationship automatically makes her broke. In an episode of Pulse TV’s Hot Takes, the outspoken activist stated this.

She feels that once a girl is alone, she may buy wigs, replace her phone, and indulge herself, among other things.

However, once she enters a relationship, she becomes broke and unable to do those things.

At that point, she feels it is the job of the man she is in a relationship with to get those things for her.

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See some comments below:

@stevekaylanre said: “Once I don see these settings with mic, I know no sense is coming out from there 🤦‍♂️ Na who born these people?”
@MayJaYBaE stated: “They keep giving this girl more publicity with her yeye talks”
@Dprince_charmin responded: “I just dey pity some men.. This is just a rubblîîśh words from a grown adult. I’m so ashamed cos na this kind person some men go still toast. Come say let’s go see ur family…😭. You see that verse john 11:35. Na this kind girl cause am”
@deslilym agreed: “Yes, he’s to do everything. Even change my panties and bras”
@Toxyberry1 noted: “This gurl and parrot, I don’t know who’s faster while talking🤦🏾”
@Sirdhino said: “Someone called her verydaftwoman and I see it now”

In other news, Oluwadolarz, a Nigerian musician and content producer, has claimed his fellow content creators.He claimed that several of his friends in the comedy industry failed to support his career.

He claims that he has previously accommodated and aided them.

Oluwadolarz said that there is no love in the profession, as some would have people think.

In a recent interview with Echoo Room, the skit creator expressed disappointment that his friends in the content creation sector did not support his first EP despite his outreach.

He specifically said that Sydney Talker and Lord Lamba, who formerly lived with him, did not support him.

He stated that his experience has inspired him to create a documentary that would highlight his life narrative and the lack of assistance in the content creation sector.

Oluwadolarz explained:

“I am working on a documentary. It’s going to be about my story; people that I’ve supported in the industry that did not turn up for me.
“I dropped an EP and not one single skit maker or comedian supported it despite reaching out to them. Funny enough, I still support them when they reach out to me even after I dropped my EP and they didn’t support.
“When Sydney Talker came to Lagos, he lived with me for like three, four months. So Sydney is a friend of mine. We were close at the time but he didn’t support my music. Nobody supported my music.
Bae U just posted it on his story that I just dropped an EP and that was all. Officer Woos shot a skit with me to promote the EP but I couldn’t post it because it would be the only promotional video as other skit makers weren’t ready to support me.
I was supposed to shoot another skit with Shanks to promote the EP but I called and he said he was busy so I just had to let it go. Even Lord Lamba. Funny enough, he was living with me at that point. He came as a guest for my birthday and he started living with me. And I’m so happy for him now. Looking at him now, he is so big in the industry now.”
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