The Day Tinubu Regulates Social Media is the Day There Will be a Revolution in Nigeria – Activist VeryDarkMan (Video)

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Beauty product activist, VeryDarkMan has kicked against plans to regulate social media. He addressed Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu.

He warned that any plan to regulate social media would cause a revolution.

According to him, the administration of Tinubu is not doing well and that is why investors are not coming to the country. He also criticized plans to jail anyone who criticizes Tinubu for three years.

He slammed Tinubu, calling him shameless. He also attacked the All Progressives Congress.

Watch the video and reactions below:


Mr Gbajami Ala😂😂


Na very dark man dem go first use do scape goat


God bless you VDM, this country doesn’t even deserve you, it takes courage and selflessness to stand on the spot u stand always, may your days be long brr❤


This man speaks sense….Abeg unblock me I no go support gistlover and co again😭😂


Anyone that cannot take criticism shouldn’t be a leader at all


If you love VDM hit my like❤️button 👇


Keep hating VDM if you like. He’s a blessing


If anything do Vdm we will protest oh. Vote for Vdm


Them go first arrest Gossip Mill for using this Tinibu Picture 😂 😆


People don’t understand the regulations. The scope of the skit making will not be affected. It’s merely going to be targeted against people peddling fake news, and everyone would be held accountable for whatever they say online. I thought we all wanted accountability in this country.

In other news, Bankole Wellington aka Banky W has opened up on how he discovered Wizkid.

Recall that the superstar was once signed to the singer cum politician’s record label.

Speaking on discovering Wizkid, Banky W revealed that he found him in the studio.

He further explained that he had signed Wizkid before he went on social media to beg him to sign him.

He revealed that the tweet was a joke they planned.

He made the revelation while speaking in a video message posted on X.

He said, “Let God and the helper that he would use find you doing something. For some people, God will only find you tweeting.

“Just a few days ago, I noticed my Twitter was going crazy. And I went on and I discovered that people found an old tweet from Wizkid where he said, ‘Hey, Mr Banky, my name is Wizkid. I’m upcoming artist. Please, I need you to help me.’ And then they found a reply that I said, ‘Okay, please send me your demo.’

“And people were pointing to that as the inception of the moment where Wizkid and I started working together. And I hate to burst everybody’s bobble, but that moment was just a joke.

“We have actually been working together for about a year. He has been signed, we have been making music and releasing music. We were just being playful at the time when those tweets were sent.

“I didn’t find wizkid from him tweeting, I found him while he was working. I heard his music when I was just listening to a bunch of unsigned artists.

“Before he even started working with me, he had already recorded a chorus with M.I. The very first day I saw Wiz in person, we was a back-up singer for Kellz at an event. He was faithfully serving as Kellz’s hypeman.”

In 2009, Banky W signed Wizkid to his record label, Empire Mates Entertainment. The singer left the label in 2014 after many hit songs.

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