He Finished Our Drink And Smoke – Lady Cries Out After Inviting Married Man for S3x

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A Nigerian lady has taken to a popular Instagram page to complain after a bad experience with a married man.

The anonymous lady revealed that she invited a married man to satisfy her and another friend but the man was unable to perform and instead decided to finish their drinks and smoke.

See her post below:


In other news, Nigerian singer, Lil Frosh has revealed one of his regrets.

According to him, he regrets ever dating his ex-girlfriend.

He made the admission during a recent interview with Clout Africa.

Recall that the singer has been fighting to rescue his music career following a fallout with his girlfriend Gift Camille after she accused him of assaulting her.

This led to his contract with Davido’s DMW record to be terminated in 2020.

Despite Camille subsequently withdrawing her complaint against Lil Frosh in 2022 and reaching an out-of-court settlement, Davido never reinstated the singer to DMW.

Lil Frosh said in a recent interview with Clout Africa that he has been suffering professionally since Davido unexpectedly terminated his contract owing to his ex-girlfriend’s claims.

While maintaining his innocence, Lil Frosh stated that he regretted having a girlfriend and that his ex-girlfriend’s “false allegations” had harmed his music career.

He said:

“My ex-girlfriend’s claims that she got beaten by me is false accusation, I won’t lie to you. I know nothing about it. And immediately she posted it online, I got kicked out of DMW.

“I left the record label the 6th of October, 2020, and since then I have been independent. I want my fans to know that I am not capable of assault. I am a cool guy. The way some people are judgemental about things they see online is alarming.

“If I had the opportunity to go back in time and change somethings, I swear, I won’t have a girlfriend. I regret having a girlfriend.”

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