Nigerian Girl Storms Social Media To Find Husband (Video)

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A 24-year-old Nigerian woman took to social media to express her distress over her father’s demand for her to get married by the end of 2024.

In a TikTok video, she recounted the conversation she had with her father, initially thinking he was joking. However, a week later, he reiterated his ultimatum, emphasizing that she must find a husband before the deadline.

Seeking advice and assistance, she shared the video online, highlighting her age and the pressure she is facing from her father to settle down.

Her statement piqued the interest of many social media users, who flooded the comment section of the post to voice their thoughts.

Watch video:


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See some reactions below:

Binaebi Wellington Miles🇳🇬: “This kind situation wey you Dey now!! He be like say you go order from EBay ooh!! The men on ground now price done go Up!!”

Big-Tommy: “I just couldn’t stop laughing me head out.”

Apostle Ikechukwu: “talk no more i’m single and i dreamt meeting MY wife to be.”

Scappa 300: “I’m really ready in as much it’s you pretty Angel I’m single without kids from Nigeria Lagos 38 years.”

DonDave Villa: “u will surely see even within 1month but the Koko be say would he be your perfect match?”

Mike: “my application is pending acceptance if you haven’t gotten one yet, from Cameroon.”

In other news, Lateef Adedimeji, a renowned Nigerian actor, shared in a recent interview with Teju Babyface, the challenges he faced in his acting career.

Despite his success today, he revealed how he once considered leaving acting to pursue office work due to the financial struggles he encountered early on.

In 2010, he recalled being underpaid for a significant role he played on a movie set, which left him disheartened.

However, he was ultimately dissuaded from quitting by the advice of a marketer, which motivated him to persevere in his acting journey.

He said;

“There’s a lead role I did in Ilorin for 10 days that I was given N1,000 in 2010. I spent ten days on that set and wasn’t given feeding money until day six. And even the day six, it was the PA that asked me “have you been receiving your daily feeding allowance?” and I replied in the negative, no. He now went to speak to the producer that the fellow playing the sub-lead role says he’s not been receiving his feeding allowance. Producer then flared up that “what? is he telling stories?” and the PA now said “no he’s not, I was the one that asked him.” I thought to myself I’m in trouble now. I never asked the PA to tell the producer. What if I’m fired off this production? What hope will I have then?

So, they started giving me N300 per day for the next 4 days that I finished the set. And I held no grudges. In fact, I went to thank them. I’ve played about 98 scenes for N8,000. Out of the N8,000 I gave my bosses N1,500 each to buy recharge card. So I was left with N5,000 in Oyo, and I’m going back to Ikotun, that’s where I stay and my parents stay. And I was a graduate at this time! A graduate with dependents counting on him.

It was really a tough one. And so I decided in my mind that the certificate I said I won’t dust to go and look for office work, I think at this stage, I have to. So I called one or two I know in the industry that are so big, and told them that I am tired. I don’t think I can cope anymore.

Then I spoke to a marketer and told him I want to leave and go and look for job. And that word the marketer said to me that year was what made me stick to this job. He said “You want to quit? With all that you have in you? All that you carry? You have not used half of what God has given you as talent. If you go, you will regret it. With time, you will blow.” That was a word that the marketer told me and I say I am ready to do whatever it takes to grind the results out.

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