Anita Joseph Clashes With Sandra Ezekwesili On Her Advice To Women

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Nollywood actress Anita Joseph recently expressed her disapproval of media personality Sandra Ezekwesili’s views on women’s freedom to go out without their husbands’ permission.

The disagreement arose when Sandra stated that no man should have the power to restrict his wife’s movements, emphasizing that such control is outdated in today’s society.

In contrast, Anita took to social media to assert that her husband has the authority to decide whether she can leave the house or not.

She directly criticized Sandra’s perspective, advising her to avoid promoting what she deemed as “misguided teachings” online.

“Ahhhhh my husband has every right oh, if he says no I can’t go, inukwa shallom.. Una go just Dey teach nonsen*** bikonu,” Anita Joseph said.

The interaction between the two individuals has triggered a surge of responses on social media, with internet users expressing diverse viewpoints on the subject.

Read some comments below:

sofadyemisi stated: “I agree with Anita 💯💯💯💯👌ur husband is ur king 👑”

the_brown_cutie wondered: “Why would you even get married if you know you can’t respect and listen to him, just stay remain in your father’s house!”

jully_mk suggested: “As a woman of you feel your husband has no right to tell you what to do, pls remain in your father’s house. Shalom!”

investorprosper said: “But una fit dey listen to pastor? okayyyyyyyyyyy”

ezekielezzy stated: “E remain small make some women Dey answer husband make their husbands Dey answer wife”


See below;

In other news, Popular Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has revealed that her marriage has had a positive impact on her life.

Recall that she’s married to hype man Michael Fisayo, better known by his stage name MC Fish.

According to her, marriage has improved her personally and helped her become a better person.

Anita, who celebrated her fourth anniversary with her spouse, said this in an interview with Punch.

She said:

“Marriage has influenced me in a very positive way. I have learnt to be more protective and patient.

“What matters the most is one’s heart. One’s parents or other family members won’t be in the marriage with you, so it is basically one and one’s spouse forever. So, if one chooses someone from a different tribe, it is okay. One’s happiness comes first.”

Regarding how she has dealt with cultural differences given that she is Igbo and her husband is Yoruba, she stated:

 “My mother-in-law speaks Yoruba to me and I say ‘eshe’ (thank you). I have learnt a bit, though it has not been easy.”

The role interpreter also noted that, even though many people doubted her marriage, she was eager to prove them wrong.

“As regards my post on Instagram on my wedding anniversary, I wrote that some people and even blogs said that my marriage won’t last, but I ‘sent’ it back to them and their sisters. God’s grace has kept my husband and I together,” she said.

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