Pastor Refuses to Refund Money After Congregation Member Mistakenly Sent N1m Instead of N100k

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A pastor is facing the threat of arrest after he declined to refund a young man who mistakenly transferred N1M instead of N100K to him.

The incident has been captured in a video that has now been shared online. In the video, the church member can be seen entering the pastor’s residence accompanied by police officers, directly accusing him of the situation.

The congregant explains that he intended to send N100k to the clergyman but mistakenly sent a million naira instead.

Despite attempts to contact the pastor and request a refund, he adamantly refuses and considers the excess amount as a gift to God.

Frustrated by this response, the church member involves the police to facilitate the retrieval of his money from the preacher.

You can view the video below.


In other news, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Love World Ministries, popularly known as Christ Embassy, has made a controversial claim online.

During the Healing Steam Festival, the pastor disclosed that he raised over 50 people from the dead during the last year.

When asked how he could explain such things, he mentioned how people from other nations, both elderly and young, have been resurrected from the dead by his Ministry.

He added that occasional miracles occurred in hospitals, leaving physicians and nurses perplexed.

Noting that people sometimes accuse pastors of bribing people for miracles, he joked that he may have bribed the dead to come back to life.

He said:

“In the last one year, we have had more than 50 people raised from the dead. How do you explain such things? Both old and young, in various countries.

How do you explain? What will you use to explain them? Including the ones that happened in the hospitals to the amazement of doctors and nurses.

How do you explain? Maybe we bribed them in heaven or hell to come back. You know sometimes they say we bribe people, maybe we bribe the dead to come back to live. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”.

As predicted, his comment has sparked outrage on the internet, with many demanding that he raise the late Mohbad, who died last year, and legendary actor Mr Ibu, who died last month.

See some reactions:

I Am Avincii wrote, “Show workings with Mr Ibu and Mohbad.No be all this Cho cho cho

Bezo Yello Salon wrote, “Them they were unconscious, no dead person can raise again. Stop the deceit at this time and age

Taiwo Junzi wrote, “And Freeze was begging you people to raise Mohbad the other day but you went into your koro and turned deaf ears

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