Businessman Narrates How He Was Kidnapped By Men Wearing Police Jackets And Made Him Give Up N2.8M At Gunpoint

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Jay Trafford, a businessman, recently shared a terrifying experience on Instagram involving individuals dressed in police attire and armed with guns.

According to him, a group of men in uniform driving a Sienna car ambushed him around 9:30 PM.

They proceeded to falsely accuse him of being a cultist, handcuffed him, took him to the third mainland bridge, and extorted N2.8 million from him.

He wrote;

”Yesterday, on my way back from the gym around 9:30 PM, my life flashed before my eyes. A Sienna suddenly parked in front of me, and men wearing police jackets with guns approached me.

They said it was a stop and search operation and ordered me to open my trunk. I complied and showed them my car documents, Then, they demanded my phone for a search. Suddenly, they accused me of being a cultist, shouting, “We’ve caught a cultist!” Everything happened so quickly. One of them got into my car, and the other handcuffed me, threatening to shoot if I didn’t get into their vehicle, insisting I was a cultist.

They started driving my car while I was in their van. I had no idea where they were taking my car until I managed to look outside the dark van and saw we were on the 3rd Mainland Bridge, with guns pointed at me.

To make a long story short, they took me to Agege and demanded a ransom of 10 million Naira, threatening to kill me if I didn’t pay. We went through over 20 POS terminals, and eventually, ~2.8 million Naira was transferred after hours of plea, because they couldn’t get all the cash that night. I was released around 3:45 AM.

Nigeria is very unsafe!”




In other news, Nancy Umeh, the sister of Korra Obidi, has confronted Justin Dean, the ex-husband of the dancer.

This confrontation occurred after Justin Dean accused Korra Obidi of deceiving her fans by collecting more money than necessary through a GoFundMe account.

According to him, Korra received $55,000, even though she only needed $5,000 to cover the legal fees for their ongoing court case.

It is worth mentioning that Korra had previously reached out to her social media followers, requesting financial assistance to fight her husband legally, as he had prohibited her from using their children for online content.

In response to Dean’s accusations, Nancy Umeh proudly highlighted her father’s achievements, emphasizing that he had provided her with two British degrees and had made significant sacrifices for their family.

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