David Hundeyin Reveals Shocking Reason Why He Left Nigeria

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In a recent interview on the #WithChude podcast, investigative journalist David Hundeyin shed light on his departure from Nigeria and relocation to Ghana.

During the conversation, Hundeyin delved into his unique journalistic approach, the noteworthy stories he covered, his literary works, the pivotal decision to part ways with his brand, and the underlying motivations behind his departure from Nigeria.

He stated:

“Those who know me in person are always amused by the perception of the public that I am some fire-breathing dragon. I am a very sentimental and emotional person. To those who have access to it, I am a huge softie. The flip side of it is that Nigeria is not a place for meek people.
“The only people who get anything done in Nigeria are people who break things and move fast. In Nigeria, you have to create a persona that can survive in a very harsh public space of Nigeria, if you don’t do that it is going to step all over you”
David Hundeyin disclosed that he was exiled from the country after he started receiving threats due to the stories he published. He revealed how one of the dangerous threats he received came from a family member who has power in the country.
“I was exiled from the country; I do not have a Nigerian passport anymore. Starting from 2019 when I set off and became this ‘thing’, I had already started getting threats from very close to home as well. It was August 2019, and there was a Sallah celebration there used to be this family tradition that everyone would travel home to Badagry to celebrate together whenever there was a major celebration.”
“I had not spoken to this family member since my dad died, I hadn’t seen him in years and this man came with his full official escort to look for me specifically. He said, ‘Have you seen the DSS headquarters in Abuja? Do you know that it has seven underground stories of prisons? With these your glasses you are not going to see anything inside there.’ He said it with a sort of smile on his face, but it was a threat.

In other news,  David Hundeyin, an investigative journalist, recently shared a picture on Twitter where he can be seen posing with Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the upcoming 2023 election.

Hundeyin expressed his profound admiration for Obi, acknowledging him as a man he holds in high regard.

In his tweet accompanying the photo, Hundeyin conveyed his sentiments.

Sharing the photo, he wrote:
“A man I have a deep amount of respect for.”
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