People Assume I’m Single Because I Don’t Post My Relationship – Uriel

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Uriel Oputa, a former BBNaija housemate and chef, has expressed that people mistakenly believe she is single due to her lack of online posts featuring her partner.

She firmly believes that once she is married, she will refrain from sharing her husband’s face on social media due to the negativity and cruelty prevalent on the internet.

Uriel is determined to shield her husband from any form of criticism or backlash from the public, thus she has decided not to disclose any details about her future spouse online.

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In other news, Tunde Ednut, a well-known blogger and entertainer, recently criticized Wizkid for his disrespectful posts about Davido and Don Jazzy.

Wizkid caused a stir on the internet on Monday morning, April 29th, when he took shots at both Davido and Don Jazzy, which sparked outrage among internet users.

In one of his posts, Wizkid shared a vulnerable video of Davido crying and pleading in response to a fan’s request for new music. Wizkid used this video to emphasize how the fan should beg him before he considers fulfilling the request.

Additionally, Wizkid subtly referred to Don Jazzy as an influencer in another post.

Expressing his frustration with these posts,

Tunde Ednut wrote:

“All I know is that Davido will never disrespect Wizkid and I thank God Davido doesn’t even reply to some things anymore.

Posting that was unnecessary. Anyways, it’s his time. He should enjoy.

Ogun kee una Papa in advance if you !nsult me.”

In response to Wizkid’s criticism of Don Jazzy, he wrote:

“Then he mentioned Don Jazzy. Does Wizkid not have respect anymore? Don Jazzy?

What did Don Jazzy do to you? Man wey dey always mind him business.

He will talk and you guys will be supporting wrong thing. Na wa Oo!

It is well with all of you in Jesus name.”

He added:

“You call him an influencer? Big shout out to all influencers, but Jazzy should be respected and kept on high pedestal. No be your mate in anything.

Been in this game for more than 20 years.

Remove 20 from Wizkid’s age. Till date, man still has one of the biggest artist in Nigeria right now, REMA.

Make una no dey support wrong thing.


Remember that The singer behind “Ojuelegba” Wizkid used Twitter to engage with his audience, leading to various reactions and discussions among his fans.

The controversy began when Wizkid, who is no stranger to making bold statements online, replied to a fan’s request to mention singer Ladipo on his X account.

“Wizkid Ladipo still talk nonsense yesterday o, Abeg enter that one too,” the fan said.

Wizkid took to Twitter to address several prominent figures in the music industry, such as Davido and Ladipo, before shifting his focus towards Don Jazzy.

In one of his tweets directed at Don Jazzy, Wizkid labeled him as an ‘influencer’, a term that holds different meanings within the music scene.

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