“I Wake Up Every Morning Seeing Bumbum In My DM” – Bayanni Cries Out

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Bayanni, the renowned Nigerian music artist, recently opened up about the multitude of Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) he receives daily.

In a recent interview, the Mavin signee shared that he dedicates his spare moments to going through over 500 DMs, providing a glimpse into the surprising content that fills his inbox.

Contrary to popular assumptions, Bayanni revealed that he diligently reads every message, shedding light on the wide range of interactions he encounters daily.

From heartfelt gestures to more audacious and revealing messages, the artist shared insights into the diverse tones and content he receives.

One individual, Oluchi, caught Bayanni’s attention for her consistent communication and well wishes throughout the day.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that a significant portion of his DMs consists of explicit imagery, with some women choosing to send revealing photos of their anatomy, particularly their “bumbum.”

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Bayanni confessed that as soon as he reaches for his phone in the morning, he is promptly greeted with these explicit visuals.

Regardless of the explicit nature of these messages, he cheerfully urged the senders not to stop and recommended that they persist in sending such content.

Read some comments below:

oluwafunmike said: “I don’t think he is lying tho… it’s something these self proclaimed genz baddies can do”

kolawoleblvck noted: “These are people’s girlfriends ooo.”

zam_zam_vibes said: “I like the guy him defend oluchi 😂😂”

official_omacharles said: “Pls expose them since they dnt hv shame”

official_donsolo24 said: “What’s This One Feeling Like????RadaRada🥴😂”

Kish_vic asked: “So girls do send their nudes to men they’re not in a relationship with?? Oh wow”

Don Jazzy, a music executive, has received appreciation from his former signee, Reekado Banks.

He discussed Don Jazzy and how he aided his career in a recent interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

He also spoke about why he left Mavin Records. The hitmaker stated that he does not comprehend the notion that he left Mavin Records on poor terms.

“That man took me from absolutely nothing. I wonder why anyone would think it wasn’t amicable. The end of the contract came, I wanted to leave and he (Don Jazzy) gave me his blessings,” Reekado said on his departure.
Reekado also discussed the trend of artist and label disagreements in Nigerian music, which has led to speculation about breaking with Mavin Records.
“I feel like it’s a tradition in the Nigerian record label business for artists to break out angrily from their record labels and this is being imposed on my relationship with Jazzy,” Reekado Banks said on the assumptions surrounding his departure.
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