Who Be Your Papa? – Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike Slams Alleged Son Who Quit School for Music

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Emeka Ike, a seasoned actor, has expressed his disapproval towards an aspiring artist named Flobill, who made the audacious claim of being his son.

Flobill recently released a music video, asserting that he abandoned his education to pursue a music career.

In response to these claims, Emeka Ike took to the comment section of an Instagram blog post to address the situation. He advised the singer to search for his real father, as Emeka himself has never encountered Flobill in his entire life.

Furthermore, the veteran actor cautioned Flobill against manipulating others to alter his career path.

Emeka Ike’s exact words were as follows:

Mr man go and look for your father… l hv never set eyes on this v blackman. Who be your papa? Abeg stop using people to blow. Abi u don steal the song for studio? Go find your papa abeg”


Emeka Ike took to social media to celebrate the birth of his baby girl. He celebrated his birthday and the birth of his daughter, Comfort, on March 21. He said that his newborn girl is named after his late mother, Madam Comfort Okwuchi Ike.

Posting images of himself, his South African wife, and their newborn,

He wrote:


Happy *BIRTHDAY* to me and WELCOME to baby, Chidera COMFORT Thando Ike

The good LORD has filled the huge vacuum that Mama COMFORT Okwuchi Ike left behind, with another COMFORT Chidera T Ike

My family and l are COMFORTED and can’t ask for any better, this solemn times

Thank you to my beautiful wife for taking the pains, of this wonderful gift


In other news, Charles Oputa, a well-known Nigerian activist, also known as Charly Boy, criticized the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for prosecuting businessman Cubana Chiefpriest for Naira abuse.

He accused the anti-corruption agency of engaging in unnecessary activities to divert the attention of Nigerians.

Charly Boy questioned why the EFCC is focusing on Naira abuse instead of more serious crimes. He defended the act of spraying Naira as a cultural tradition that fosters unity among people.

Charly Boy expressed his disappointment with the three-count charge brought against Paschal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, suggesting that the EFCC should prioritize more important tasks instead of engaging in frivolous actions that only serve to distract the less fortunate in Nigeria.

In a post on Instagram, Charly Boy shared his thoughts on the matter.

He wrote;

“Currently, the attention of Nigerians is being drawn to an issue that has no bearing whatsoever, on the well-being of the ordinary people or the National economy.

“The arrest and arraignment of person or persons spraying the local currency, Naira, at social events is now a f3cking Big deal.”

He continued:

“Why focus massive energy, on frivolous, pedestrian, and harmless misdemeanor by people catching fun rather than going after those who use executive powers to steal humongous amounts from the public Treasury with reckless impunity?

“God punish all of una in EFCC, una no go die better. Ur Fathers.

“Seriously my people una think say na the kin work EFCC suppose to dey do?”

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