Verydarkman Leaks Last DM He Received From Junior Pope And Regrets Ignoring Him

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Verydarkman, a controversial socialite, has expressed his regret for not heeding the advice of the late actor, Junior Pope, who reached out to him on social media.

According to Verydarkman, Junior Pope had sent him a message in February with a sense of urgency. The actor wanted to have a conversation with Verydarkman, man-to-man.

However, Verydarkman admitted that he had read the message but failed to respond. Instead, he simply took a screenshot and took no further action.

Now, Verydarkman deeply regrets his inaction and wishes he had responded, especially considering the tragic fate that befell Junior Pope and others in a boat accident while shooting a movie.

Verydarkman wrote:
“I regret and feel bad for ignoring jnr pope dm,! feel more worst when | look at these videos online,how they took him to the native doctor instead of the hospital,
How the testimonies from the eye witnesses doesn’t make no sense,the yeye Fanta sacrifice,the guy that said he called his spiritual mother before they went on set,…..anyways God gives God takes(nothing makes sense about his kpai an this doesn’t feel like it’s a natural cause”
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In other news, Verydarkman has again attacked Bobrisky, a popular Nigerian cross-dresser who is still in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Verydarkman mocked Bobrisky for claiming that he has connections to people in power.

On his Instagram page, Verydarkman indirectly targeted individuals who brag about their connections in specific areas but lack influence in the capital.

Although Bobrisky was not directly mentioned, it was clear that he was the intended recipient of the activist’s remarks.

Verydarkman has been closely scrutinizing Bobrisky since his arrest, suggesting that he has inside information about Bobrisky’s connections.

The activist stressed the significance of abiding by the law even when utilizing one’s connections, warning that wealth does not always equate to having influential connections.

This statement appeared to be directed at Bobrisky, who frequently showcases his wealth on social media platforms.

He wrote:

The truth be say if you get connection for state make sure say you get for capital, and also for your connection to work make sure you respect the law, not against the law, lastly having money doesn’t equal having connections.”

This current attack comes after Very Dark Man’s prior acts against Bobrisky. He just signed a petition criticizing the cross-dresser for publicly revealing personal ties with guys online.

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