Korra Obidi Reacts to Cheating Allegation By Her Ex-husband (Video)

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Korra Obidi, a well-known Nigerian dancer based abroad, has responded to accusations made by her ex-husband regarding infidelity during her pregnancy.

The claims were made by Justin Dean in a viral video posted on Instagram. According to him, Obidi cheated on him when she was five months pregnant.

In response, the dancer refuted these allegations, stating that her ex-husband was seeking attention by associating her name with controversy, especially since she recently gained attention due to an attack.

She conveyed her message through a video shared on her Instagram account.

She wrote:

 “Bloggers are learning clout chasing from Mr Justin Dean. I had an accident and I trended; he is now bringing chats from two years ago.
“My lovers, please be wiser than the normal gullible people. Mr Dean is a desperado. When I got my big breakthrough, that was when he filed for divorce.
He cannot stand attention that is not on him. This is two years down the line and he is still talking about me because the only way he can stay relevant is to call my name.”

Justin Dean, the estranged husband of Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, has recently disclosed a shocking revelation.

In a video circulating on social media, Dean alleged that the dancer was involved in extramarital relationships while she was pregnant with their child.

He said:
“Korra, my ex-wife went to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding and slept with this woman’s fiance, while she was 5 months pregnant with our daughter.
“I was so upset when I found out that she has been sleeping around. It was very risky. She could have contracted SDTs while she was pregnant. That is a big deal.”
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In other news, Usiwo Orezinena Jane popularly called Janemena, a renowned Nigerian twerker has sympathized with colleague Korra Obidi after she was reported attacked in the UK.She was allegedly attacked with acid and a knife while live-streaming in the United Kingdom.

Demonstrating her empathy, Jane took to Instagram to convey her heartfelt words of encouragement to the affected dancer.

She wrote:

“I would never understand the h8 and Envy some women have towards @korraobidi I never understands it. She doesn’t have it all, nobody does have it all so why the jealousy?

“We are all women and suppose to look after each other no matter the situation we find ourselves in. What did a mother of Two in her own world and hustling for her daily bread do to you people. So much evil in y’all’s heart for a life that can be taken any moment, why?

“Omo why so much wickedness for a life that’s can be cut short any moment. I always believe in Never wishing anyone pain. That’s not who we are. If anyone causes you pain, just know, they must have pain inside. We Wish them healing. That’s what they truly need because Sometimes we want to reciprocate people’s disrespect but then we look at their lifestyle and how life treats them… that is enough punishment and that’s On God.

“I want you all to know that the older we get, the more you realize how precious life is. Nobody has any desire for drama, conflicts or stress. We just want to live a happy and hopeful life and we will always keep doing that. I love you so much KORRA and I will always be there and here for you.

“You have come out from sh!t so much stronger and that’s why I call you QUEEN. I love you till the end of it all QUEEN.

“Please to her dearest Koreans, let’s pray for her speedy recovery even though we know Korra na lion. Love to you all.”

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