Video of Adekunle Gold’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Adejare Speaking Yoruba Fluently

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Adekunle Gold, a Nigerian musician, and his daughter, Adejare, have impressively showcased their fluency in the Yoruba language.

Their endearing exchange of words in Yoruba has touched the hearts of many. Adekunle Gold affectionately referred to his daughter as ‘Omo mi,’ meaning ‘my child,’ and in response, his daughter lovingly called him ‘baba mi,’ which translates to ‘my father.’

The video capturing this adorable moment was captioned as “Singer Adekunle Gold & Deja on Father time with his daughter. So cute.”

Watch video:

@fyp_hq Omo mi, baba mi 😄❤️ #foryou #adekunlegold #simi #family ♬ original sound – FYP_HQ

The comments section was flooded with responses from netizens who appreciated the small girl’s voice.

Ayoze said: “A responsible lady that’s ready for abserious relationship.”
@ojediranolaleye said: “Simi likes big ponmo …see Dad lip’s.”
Abdulganiyu Ayomide reacted: “Awwn awwn, See as I dey smile like mumu.”
DELIGHTSOME FASHION GALLERY said: “Just like simi’s sweet voice. I love you together. You will last forever in Jesus name.”
Abibi2 said: “I like the u teach her how to speak urblanguage.”
@omolabake_gold said: “God please let them live together forever lovely.”
Cookie said: “She’s definitely going to be the life of te party.”
Engr Ayyub said: “I will do this with my daughter now.”
Khadija said: “Her voice is so adorable.”

Adekunle Gold in other news, shared his battle with sickle cell anemia. The star remarked that he’s also a survivor of sickle cell.

The singer gave a touching speech to the crowd, focusing in particular on individuals who had overcome the difficulties of having sickle cell illness.

Adekunle Gold disclosed that despite having sickle cell illness from birth, he has been able to live a happy and healthy life.

Despite his diagnosis, the artist conveyed his appreciation for managing the illness and making it big on the international scene.

He highlighted that he has never allowed his lifelong struggle with sickle cell anemia to stand in the way of his work, noting that he has never had any serious health problems while touring the world.

In his poignant speech, Adekunle Gold urged anyone impacted by sickle cell illness to persevere and be resolute in their pursuit of their dreams.

The musician advised people not to let illness stand in the way of their goals and objectives, drawing on his personal experiences.

Although the artist acknowledged that the trip had not always been easy, he expressed thankfulness for his capacity to manage the sickness and continued to be grateful for his general well-being.

Adekunle Gold dedicated his rendition of the song “5 Star” to sickle cell survivors as a show of support and unity.

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