Junior Pope: Filmmaker Donates N1.2m To Families of Late Makeup Artist And Sound Engineer

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A generous contribution of N1.2m has been made by filmmaker Chukwuma Innocent Ideh to support the families of a soundman and a makeup artist who tragically lost their lives in a boat accident on the Anam River.

To validate the donation, he shared receipts as proof of payment. The soundman’s account received a donation of N500,000, while the bereaved makeup artist’s family was donated N700,000.

The devastating news of their demise came to light after actor Junior Pope’s passing was announced on Thursday. The two young creatives were found lifeless after being recovered from the river, two days after the incident occurred.

They were returning from a movie shoot in Asaba when their boat capsized in the Anam River, located in Anambra state. The director’s transfer screenshots showcasing the monetary assistance garnered mixed reactions on social media.

While some fans commended him for his support of the family, others had different responses.

Please refer to the post below for further details.

Recall that the make-up artist, Abigail Frederick, has been buried along the river after she died in the boat accident that claimed the lives of Nollywood actor, Junior Pope and others.

She was buried at the bank of the Anam River.

Moses Ekor made the revelation on his Facebook, saying the burial took place due to financial constraints as Abigail’s father was unable to perform the necessary rituals to bring her body back home to Akwa Ibom State.

Moses Ekor expressed his concern and disappointment, labeling the riverbank burial as disgraceful.

He extended his gratitude to the generous individuals who contributed funds for Abigail’s parents to travel from Akwa Ibom to Asaba.

He wrote:

“Abigail Fredrick

Body Will Be Buried This Night By The Side Of River Niger, The Father Is There Right Now, He Has Non Say Because The Money We Raise For His Is Too Small To Conduct The Traditional Sacrifice And Bring Back Abigail Body To Akwa Ibom jonal Sacrifice And

I’m Too Sad I Wish We Could Raised More! Burring Her At The River Bank This Night Is A Shame To Me.”

Following the passing of actor, Junior Pope, a Nigerian man has come forward with information regarding the traditional rites that must be performed for his burial.

He mentioned that an amount ranging from N30 to N40 million is required for these rites to be conducted away from the river.

The man shared these details during a live video on Instagram, explaining that it is customary for individuals who have lost their lives near bodies of water.

He emphasized that when someone drowns, the river spirits have a claim to the body, and if the family chooses to bury the deceased elsewhere, there may be repercussions.

Despite the possibility of appeasing the river spirits, he cautioned that it does not guarantee complete protection from potential risks.

An eyewitness present at the accident site confirmed that Junior Pope’s family was aware of these customs and opted not to bury him by the river.

Fortunately, the river community did not cause any disturbances or attempt to reclaim the body but rather informed the family about the potential consequences of their decision.

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