“Everybody Wants To be A Producer, If You Can’t Produce A Good Film, Pack Up” – Yvonne Jegede

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Popular Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has sent a message to Nigerian film producers. She spoke while expressing anger over the death of Nollywood star, Junior Pope.

She said the tragic passing of her colleague, Junior Pope, was unfortunate.

Recall that Junior Pope and 4 others lost their lives during a boat trip.

It is important to remember that Junior Pope and four others drowned in the Anam River while returning from a movie shoot in Anambra.

Yvonne emphasized that this devastating incident could have been prevented if Junior Pope had worn a life jacket or if Nollywood producers had taken better precautions. She has been filled with anger since his untimely demise, as she firmly believes that this tragedy could have been avoided.

Furthermore, Yvonne acknowledged that many people blame Junior Pope for not wearing a life jacket, but she pointed out that in similar circumstances, many others would have made the same choice.

In a strong message to movie producers, Yvonne urged them to improve their practices and reconsider their roles if they are unable to produce quality films. She made it clear that they must strive for excellence and prioritize the safety of their cast and crew.

In her own words:

 “Hi guys, I have been very angry because what happened is something that could have been avoided but here we are and we’ve all learnt.
“Yes, we blame him for not getting a life jacket before getting on the boat, but it is something that a lot of us will do. I know some actors that will not get on that boat without a life jacket, they will demand to have it no matter the names you call them. A lot of us will still do it.
“These days, everybody wants to be a producer. If you can’t produce a good film, pack up”.

Following the passing of actor, Junior Pope, a Nigerian man has come forward with information regarding the traditional rites that must be performed for his burial.

He mentioned that an amount ranging from N30 to N40 million is required for these rites to be conducted away from the river.

The man shared these details during a live video on Instagram, explaining that it is customary for individuals who have lost their lives near bodies of water.

He emphasized that when someone drowns, the river spirits have a claim to the body, and if the family chooses to bury the deceased elsewhere, there may be repercussions.

Despite the possibility of appeasing the river spirits, he cautioned that it does not guarantee complete protection from potential risks.

An eyewitness present at the accident site confirmed that Junior Pope’s family was aware of these customs and opted not to bury him by the river.

Fortunately, the river community did not cause any disturbances or attempt to reclaim the body but rather informed the family about the potential consequences of their decision.

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