Enugu State Government Mourns Junior Pope, Opens Condolence Register

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The Enugu State Government has set up a register of condolence for Nigerians to express their sympathies and pay homage to the talented Nollywood actor, Obumneme Odonwodo, popularly known as Junior Pope, who tragically lost his life in a boating accident.

Governor Peter Mbah expressed profound sorrow over the sudden passing of the Nollywood legend, labeling it as ‘heartbreaking’.

According to a statement released by the Commissioner for Information and Communication, Aka Eze Aka, the condolence register will be available for signing at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Information and Communication, State Secretariat, Enugu starting from Monday, April 15, 2024.

The statement reads:

“Indeed, the death of Jnr. Pope came at a time Enugu State is working so hard to develop the creative potentials of its youth for self-reliance, as employers of labour and export of their talents outside the shores of Nigeria.

“Governor Mbah expresses deep grief that the late star and other young, talented Nigerians could lose their lives in such an unfortunate circumstance.

“The governor, therefore, commiserates with the bereaved families, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), and the entire Nollywood industry over the painful loss of their members in the boat accident.

“Meanwhile, those who may not get to the office of the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communication, may use the following email address for their tributes:[email protected] to express their condolences,” the Commissioner said.

In response to the heartbreaking incident, Stanley, who was present during the tragedy and assisted in rushing Junior Pope to the hospital in Asaba, the capital of Delta State, has called for the immediate arrest of the producer and the boat driver, who reportedly survived.

In a statement on his Instagram page on Thursday, Stanley criticized Nollywood producers, labeling them as the worst in the entertainment industry, particularly those in Asabawood.

He pointed out their tendency to underpay and mistreat movie cast and crew, warning that actors who voice their concerns on set are quickly blacklisted.

He wrote:

Arrest the producer. Arrest the boat driver. Nollywood producers are the worst part of producers in the entertainment. They like managing funds on cast and crew.

“If you complain too much on set, you will be blacklisted immediately. Nollywood; no love for one another, especially Asabawood.”

Rollas, in a statement released on Thursday, made it known that the movie being filmed was indefinitely suspended following the tragic incident.

Additionally, he imposed a ban on actors working with Adamma Luke as a producer until further notice. Furthermore, Rollas announced the indefinite suspension of any film that involves riverine areas and boat riding.

Rollas said:

“Following the tragic incident of boat mishap that claimed the life of Mr John Paul Odonwodo aka Junior Pope and four other crew members at waterside of River Niger Cable point Asaba on 10th of April 2024 on a movie set titled “The other side of Life” produced by Adamma Luke.

“The Leadership of the Guild has taken the following decisions: All Films that involve riverine areas and boat riding are hereby suspended indefinitely. No Shoot on all locations Nationwide on Thursday 11th April 2024.

“The film titled “Another side of Life” is suspended indefinitely. No actor is allowed to work with Adamma Luke as a producer till further notice. While we keep searching for the bodies of the remaining persons, may their souls rest in peace.”

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