Those Close to Me Know That I ‘Died And Resurrected’ – Rapper Oladips

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Oladips, the popular rapper also known as Oladipupo Oladimeji, has addressed his near-death experience in a recent interview with Hip TV.

It should be noted that on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, Oladips’ management announced his death, only to later discover that he was indeed alive.

his led to accusations of him faking his death as a publicity stunt for his new album. However, Oladips firmly stated that he did die and come back to life, emphasizing that those close to him can vouch for this.

Despite his efforts to explain the truth behind his death and resurrection, many still perceive it as a mere prank, leaving him with no control over the situation.

He said:

“I came back to life to see all the chaos and disbelief. But what can I do? What has happened has happened.

“How many people can I sit with and explain to? Because, obviously, a lot of people still think my death is a prank.

“Every time I tried to explain that it was a near-death experience and not a prank, people always show disbelief. But those who are close to me know that I died and resurrected.”

In other news, Nigerian actress Dayo Amusa has sent a message to the brother of late actress, Adejumoke Aderounmu after he accused actress, Funke Akindele of abandoning Adejumoke while she was unwell.

Reacting, Amusa categorically told Jumoke’s brother that no one owes him anything.

Recall that the late Adejumoke Aderounmu’s brother took to online platforms to make the claim.

She wrote:

“Before you go on about how a friend in need is a friend indeed, Please pause to consider the possibility of your friend also being in need.
That you are not aware of their situation and needs is not justification for you to feel entitled to their support. We all have our individual challenges in life even if it doesn’t make it to SM. Some of us are so good in wearing masks 🎭 covering our struggles. We can do better as humans.
I understand HUMANITY is of high importance but if it’s not happening when expected doesn’t make your friend a mean person. He that wears the shoes knows where it’s hurting 📌
It’s time we thought outside of ourselves and allow love lead our thoughts and actions. It’s time we reconsidered the cancel culture and let go of any sense of entitlement🙄
We are the architects of our own individual lives 📌 No one owes you anything “
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