Rema Walks Off Stage at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival Over Poor Sound (Video)

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Afrobeats star and singer Rema has stunned fans by walking off stage due to poor sound.

The incident happened at the 2024 Dreamville Festival in North Carolina.

The event occurred on Sunday. Rema was playing his famous song ‘Calm Down’ on Day 2 of the event at Dix Park in Raleigh when he stopped midway to protest about the terrible sound and walked off stage.

He urged African artists to have the same sound quality as their Western counterparts on worldwide venues.

He said:

 “Hold on, there are too many sound issues. It’s messing up my whole performance. I’m seriously not feeling this sh*t.
“I’m representing Africa, this is too messed up. If the sound cannot be perfect for every artist that get on this stage… Africa is in the house and you are messing sh*t up?”
Watch video;

Dreamville Festival was created by American hip-hop superstar, J. Cole.

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr has opened up on how she landed her deal with Mavin Records.

According to Ayra Starr, her record label boss, Don Jazzy, signed her three days after seeing her video.

The “Rhythm and Blues” singer revealed how performing a cover song on social media helped her land the record contract.

According to Ayra Starr, her mother pushed her to make song covers, which shifted her focus from modeling to music.

“I wanted to do modeling because everyone told me I couldn’t do it like I’m not tall enough, and I told them, “Watch me.” And I ended up doing it. When I look back, I’m so proud of little Ayra, too.

It’s because of her that I’m here now. It’s because of that 16-year-old girl who didn’t give up and kept going. I used to do cover [songs] on Instagram. My mum and her friends used to force me to do covers.

I uploaded one cover on Instagram, I didn’t even like the video. But something just kept telling me to post it and I did. Not up to 6 hours later, Don Jazzy reached out. Three days later, he signed me.”

She added;“I’m an artiste to the core, and I want my style, my hair, my music, to represent how I feel. I don’t care about aesthetics, it’s more about how I feel. I’m not bothered about the male, or female gaze, or anybody’s gaze for that matter, except my own.

I’ve always had a mind of my own. Growing up in different places, in different cultures, has shaped my mind. And despite all these influences, I’m still myself. I wrote “Asé” when I was 15 — I had no business writing that song. So that gives you a glimpse of the kind of mindset I had at a young age.”

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