“I Miss You Dearly” – Amarachi Eze Reflects On The 2nd Anniversary Of Twin Sister Osinachi Nwachkwu’s Death

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Gospel vocalist Amarachi Eze has marked the second anniversary of the death of her twin sister, Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Amarachi shared touching compilation photos remembering the times they were together on her Facebook page.

In her post dated April 8, 2024, exactly two years since Osinachi departed from this world, Amarachi expressed that her sister had left a lasting impact and created a powerful legacy that continues to resonate.

With poignant words, she conveyed her profound yearning and deep sense of loss for the late “Ekwueme” singer, highlighting the immense void left by her absence.

Amarachi Eze’s heartfelt tribute serves as a reminder of the enduring bond between siblings and the impact that a loved one can have even after they are no longer physically present.

Amarachi Eze wrote;

Osinachi my twin sister, this is exactly two years you left this wicked world .you came, you saw and you had conquered.,

“Precious in the sight of God is the death of his righteous ones Psalms 116:15* Keep resting my Bossom twin,we will see again on that resurrection morning. I  miss you dearly”

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In other news, On-air personality. Do2dtun may be in a festive mood due to his 40th birthday, but it did not prevent him from calling out his ex-wife and in-laws.In a post devoted to venting his frustrations against his ex-wife and in-laws over their child custody fight.

Do2dtun wrote:

“WorldDotunDay will mean I also get a few things off my chest… No more excuses to do anything you like to me. I am 40 & not regular.. you have built a new Machine.

“I AM LIKE PEPSI.. you never see me coming” THIRST FOR MORE This is specifically for the TROLLS; DOUBTERS; LOSERS, HATERS, KIDS THIEVES, WICKED EX IN-LAWS. LIARS, BAD PRESS, BLOGS LIKE PUNCH NEWSPAPERS WHO WAS PAID TO DAMAGE ME; THE NAYSAYERS; CONNIVERS, MANIPULATORS; AND DETRACTORS who contributed to changing the of course of my history. Who have deprived me from taking my chances with my girls; who don’t respect my years of experience and hardwork.

I am 40 now. you didn’t take my soul with all you did to me but you built a new MAN. I didn’t let you win. I am not weak but I am wiser now. You all want me to beg fried fish and the family for me to see my kids.

LOL.. jokers Lesson 101: let a good family thrive and even if it’s not, not my name and my kids. Do everything to me but if you contribute to destroying my name, my family and kids, You have crossed the line & truly you all are the ones that owe me an apology. You wronged the wrong one

I REPEAT. KEEP THE KIDS FOR LIFE TILL WE MEET AGAIN and as for others please henceforth Respect my innovations; hustle, my work and my NAME.

GOD DOESN’T SLEEP AND IF HAVE FORGOTTEN MY CONTRIBUTIONS, GOOD FOR YOU. Look for another mentor but don’t touch what I sweated for. I’ll bite you hard MY NEW BEGINNING today marks the day I ever speak about you filthy lots OLADOTUN TI GBERA”

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