Why I Took Break From Music – Rapper, Illbliss Explains (Video)

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Tobechukwu Ejiofor, a prominent Nigerian rapper and actor known as Illbliss, has shed more light on why he took a break from music.

According to him, the reason why he took a break from music was to diversify.

The ‘King of Boys’ actor revealed that he has experimented with movies, documentaries, and other types of creation.

He further explained that being a father played a significant role in his decision to leave music.

Illbliss appeared as a guest on a recent edition of the hip TV show Trending, hosted by reality sensation KimOprah.

He stated:

“My two kids came miraculously. My first child was born eight years after I married my wife while my second daughter born during the COVID-19 lockdown. So I took time off to be a dad; to spend time with my family and raise my kids.

“Also, I was trying to find diversification. So I moved into television as well. I had done ‘King Of Boys’ a year before then and I just felt like I needed to produce more; shoot more films, documentaries and get into spaces where I could still express myself artistically without just putting out music.

“So, I took a break from music. All of these is what has been happening in the last four years.”

In other news, Nigerian rapper and actor Tobechukwu Ejiofor better known as Illbliss has talked about his achievements in the country’s entertainment sector.

Unlike most of his fellow musicians in the Nigerian music industry, the actor/singer took pride in his versatility.

Before choosing to focus on his musical career, he said to have been a prosperous banker.

Rather than merely creating music for the sake of it, Illbliss claims that he has always desired to be the owner of real estate.

Illbliss stated the following in a recent interview with Da Genius:

“I was a banker for four years. I worked at four different banks. I was in a very high performance department called oil and gas. So I was dealing with upstream, downstream, and clients from drilling companies, construction companies.

“While in the banking industry, I went through a lot of departments. I went from treasury to risk management, to retail banking to private banking to Human Resources. So I’m not your typical Nigerian artiste. I can be rapping but I want to be able to own things and create magic out of entertainment properties.”

Speaking in the latest episode of Drink with Killz podcast hosted by Ikechukwu Killz, Illbliss said the Igbo lyrics of The Cavemen are flawed.

He said:

“I was in the studio with The Cavemen last month, we were trying to make music. And I told them that, ‘Your Igbo is so flawed. You’re not even pronouncing the words right.

“But nobody is more Eastern, nobody carries the Southeast on their back like them. Those boys have some books… Whenever I go to their literary, I’m seeing ‘There Was A Country’ by Chinua Achebe, [Emeka] Ojukwu’s memoir. Bro, they are absolutely very entrenched in the language.”

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