Wizkid, Burna Boy, Others Shouldn’t Downgrade Afrobeats – Bella Shmurda (Video)

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Bella Shmurda, a popular Nigerian singer, has called out his senior colleagues, Burna Boy and Wizkid for devaluing Afrobeats.

Bella implored them to stop making a mockery of the genre of music. Remember how Burna Boy and Wizkid caused uproar recently by disowning the genre of Afrobeats in their remarks?

Afrobeats, according to Burna Boy, lack “substance,” emphasizing that he performs Afrofusion rather than Afrobeats.

Wizkid, on the other hand, rejected the genre, claiming he didn’t want to be classified as an Afrobeats musician.

However, Shmurda responded, saying Nigerian musicians ought to appreciate Afrobeats when appearing on the most recent edition of the London 90 podcast.

Bella clarified that he hasn’t spoken anything about the matter in a while since he doesn’t want to be sucked into the debate.

He declared:

Recently, I heard something, I saw something that made me feel bad. I wanted to tweet but I don’t want to be in a position whereby I have issues with people.
“But for real, We artistes should respect Afrobeats. This is our genre, we can’t downgrade it. No matter your level in the music industry, you can’t downgrade this thing that God has given us.”

In other news, Bella Shmurda has recently admitted that parenting has been a significant source of motivation for him.

He spoke about how becoming a father changed his life. The star stated that becoming a father has altered his outlook on life and music, inspiring him to strive harder.

In a recent “We Talk Sound” documentary on the musician, Bella Shmurda stated that his son has motivated him to improve. He also expressed his wish to leave a legacy that his children could be proud of.

He said:

“I think fatherhood inspired me. What’s in my head is ‘Wetin’ this boy go see in the next 10 years?’ I don’t want him to see my old videos, I want him to see the new Bella who is still doing things. I don’t want him to hear ‘history’ like his daddy used to sing. I want to be the type of father that when he turns on the TV, he’d see and then say ‘That’s my daddy’, that’s what I want to be to my child. He’s an inspiration to me,”

In July 2023, Bella Shmurda announced the birth of his son. The news was announced on his official X account, along with a detailed write-up and a photo of his baby.

In the same announcement, he revealed that he suffered a tragic loss in 2022 with the death of his child. He described the emotional torment as follows:

“A few days to the drop of my album last year, I was an emotional and mental wreck. I’d just gotten to the UK where I was scheduled to do some promotional activities when I heard the news that I’d lost the child I was expecting at birth. I got the news that my little boy is here. I’m happy and blessed. What’s lost can never be replaced, but I have another chance, a new lease on life. A new purpose. I’m a new Daddy; DO NOT DISTURB.”

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