Watch My Movie So I Don’t Get Into Debt – Eniola Ajao Pleads

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Actress Eniola Ajao has encouraged Nigerians to watch her movie. According to her, sponsoring her movie will make it easier for her to avoid debt.

Remember how the next box office queen infuriated many when she showed her film and named transsexual Bobrisky the Best Dressed Female?

Many Nigerians were offended by the isolated conduct, and they chastised the planners and judges, calling it an insult to women at the event.

Eniola Ajao is suffering the negative effects on her brand.

Eniola took to TikTok live and asked Nigerians to see her movie, claiming that she didn’t want to be in debt since she didn’t have anything and had sold up her assets to fund the production.

She wrote:

“Tell everybody to go out for me, don’t let me be in debt, I don’t have anything. All I had was what I put into this project. Please support me in the name of God, I don’t come out to do clout or stunt. It’s because of this film, I was thinking of how I will sell the film, so I used Bobrisky. I don’t want to dwell too much on that, 
“I plead with Nigerians in the name of God, help me go out. This is a film that the whole industry came out to watch and they gave good reviews. It’s a film that I can be boastful about and walk with my heads up.”

The Nigerian film producer has revealed why popular crossdresser Bobrisky was named Best Dressed Female at her film premiere over the weekend.

The move has continued to elicit outrage online, with many criticizing the movie premiere organizers for awarding cross-dresser Bobrisky the best-dressed prize for the female category at the event.

However, in an interview with Arise TV, Ajao said that the choice to give Bobrisky the best-dressed female prize was part of a promotional ploy.

She explained the action as a joke, saying,

“It was just all jokes anyway, we just wanted to have fun, and we wanted people to talk about the movie;

My SIM and I decided that we need to talk about this, it needs to be in the faces of people, so I have been taking it upon myself to protect the image of a lot of people at the same time I have been doing it all alone all alone by myself,

I taking it upon myself to do it and I wasn’t getting any help that I feel I needed, so I said okay what can we do for people to talk about this film and we decided okay let us give it to Bob, Bob is always a controversial person, then at the end of the day people started talking about it…” she said.

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