A Cheating Husband That Provides For His Family Is Better Than A Faithful Husband That Cannot Put Food on the Table — Nigerian Lady

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A Nigerian lady has turned to Facebook to make an outlandish assertion about men.

Queen Zahara remarked that a man who cheats but provides for his family is far superior to a spouse who does not cheat but is unable to support his family. For her, such a man is worse than an infidel.

According to the ad, she prefers a man who cheats and provides for his family to a man who is devoted but brings nothing to the table.

Some of these comments read,
@Sarki Bala Abubakar Well said, but a cheating husband can send you to early grave
@Obbi Chytra You are looking for support to justify your adultery, is very sinful to live in adultery, you are very unfaithful, a husband that did not provide today will provide tomorrow, life changes no one knows tomorrow.
@Ajoge Suleiman Madam, how do u mean? Cheater is better than a chaste man? Haha no, no.
@Mustapha Ohinoyi Sanni Don’t forget deadly diseases ooo
@Bombay Adewuyi Ademola Then you must also be cheating woman too I don’t agree to this
@Olowookere Sunday What if your cheating husband contracted HIV or any other sexual transmission disease and now transferred it to you! What is your gain and how would you explain yourself to God and ur own self?
In other news, Yemi Alade, a Nigerian diva, has denied claims of sexual harassment in the music industry.She also denied granting any such interview.

Yemi Alade’s alleged interview became viral hours ago, where she confessed that the reason she seldom wins awards in the Nigerian music business is because guys want to sleep with her.

She further indicated that her unwillingness to participate in such activities may have affected her award recognition in Nigeria.

Yemi Alade stated that she is frequently overlooked for award nominations, which she attributes primarily to men.

The 35-year-old also expressed her astonishment that, despite being one of the most seen and subscribed Nigerian female musicians on YouTube, she is consistently neglected by awards shows.

Yemi Alade denied such a rumor on her Instagram story minutes ago, questioning whether bloggers have begun generating bogus tales anytime they are bored.

She called the story “stupidity at its peak and unintelligent,” saying that when she read the interview, she was stunned as she recounted her experiences at the hands of rumor peddlers.

Yemi Alade wrote that they should acquire a job.

She wrote:

“So y’all gon start creating false stories every time you get bored? SMH! Stupidity at its peak! Very unintelligent write-up.

When I read the interview that Yemi Alade recently did, I was like “Wow, Yemi Alade don suffer”. Mtchewwwwww get a job stupid rumor mongers of false news.

Unintelligent excuse for a bug with phone!!
Aka dumb blogger”.

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