Zack Orji Survived Two Brain Surgeries – AGN President Gives Details On Veteran Actor’s Health

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Emeka Rollas, the national president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), has made an important revelation about movie actor Zack Orji.

He revealed that Orji has undergone two successful brain surgeries and is in good health.

The AGN president told Afia TV on Wednesday that Zack would need to be transferred abroad for a post-surgery examination.

Emeka Rollas was also disappointed with individuals who propagated false information regarding Zack’s death.

He said:

“Because of the internet age, people just want to grow their page and they can spill nonsense, that was why somebody woke up yesterday morning and said Zack has passed on and I quickly reacted,”

“Zack is never in a position of seriously needing attention as to speak, if not because of privacy I would have just connected him on the phone here, you will see him.

He just needs a post-surgery evaluation abroad which we are gradually putting together money to send him abroad for that.

He has survived two brain surgeries, he is in good health, and he is speaking. For somebody to wake up and say that Zack has passed on, is inhuman.”

The AGN also chastised Nigerians for spreading such false rumors. While condemning the tendency, the AGN president claimed that Nollywood star Zack Orji is still alive.

The rumor spread on social media on Tuesday morning. In an Instagram post less than an hour earlier,

Rollas wrote:

Mr Zack Orji is alive.
“Please ignore mischief makers who enjoy circulating fake news.
“This is to show how wicked some people can be. It is totally unacceptable.
“He will not die but live to declare the good works of God in Jesus’ name.”

In other news, Michelle Dede, a Nigerian actress, has revealed how she nearly had her leg amputated as a result of an accident. Dede expressed thankfulness for being able to walk again following her trauma.

She stated that God intervened in her case and stopped the devil.

In a recent Instagram post, she described her story, revealing that in January, despite her enthusiasm for an impending part in a Netflix series, she was brought to the hospital with copious bleeding.

Michelle Dede claimed that January was filled with tears, anguish, and denial as she dealt with the physical and emotional consequences of her health issue.

She was hospitalized and faced with the arduous job of learning to walk again, but she persevered through the darkest days, and now she can walk again thanks to a thrice-weekly physiotherapy session.

Michelle Dede wrote:

“One day in January, I’m excited about what the new year holds and getting ready to be on an EbonyLife/ Netflix series, the next I’m being rushed to hospital bleeding profusely after an accident, then a week later being told they may have to amputate my leg. Like he did in the past 3 years, God said not today!

“After the tears, pain and being in denial for the first week my January was spent partly in the hospital, struggling through mental, emotional and physical pain, learning personal lessons and learning to walk again. Over the last 2 months and after thrice weekly physiotherapy sessions I can finally do so.

“Grateful to God and thankful to everyone who constantly checked up on me, came to visit me in hospital and at home, and especially thankful to and for @NajiteDede who took care of me like I was a child for almost a month.

“Lord I know on December 31 I posted that I was a warrior, but it’s time to take me off your strongest soldiers list abeg.

“I prophesy that this March onwards I am surrounded by protection, abundance, ease, flow, joy and everything soft in Jesus name, Amen!”

The Flower Girl actress concluded with the promise of giving out her clutches and orthopedic boots to those in need of it. Michelle Dede added:


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