How Tunde Ednut Prevented Verydarkman From Being Released – Doris Ogala

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Controversial actress Doris Ogala has revealed what celebrity blogger Tunde Ednut did that prevented Verydarkman’s release.

According to her, Tunde Ednut’s boasting led to VDM’s release being postponed.

Speaking further, Doris encouraged Tunde Ednut not to boast the next time because it seemed to exacerbate the situation.

Doris Ogala captioned the post:

“Tunde next time don’t brag. Sorry to say @mazitundeednut is the reason that very Dirty Boy release was reversed.
@donlulu_mayor please understand your excellency”.


In other news, Tunde Ednut, a popular blogger, has responded to the arrest of controversial critic, Verydarkman.

According to him, the controversial critic would gain popularity after he was released from prison.

Recall that a controversial activist was detained on Friday for allegedly cyberbullying actress Tonto Dikeh.

Following his detention, Tunde stated that Verydarkman would acquire fame once he regained his freedom, implying that the same pattern could be seen with other persons who had previously been detained by authorities.

Tunde Ednut, via his Instagram profile, stated that Verydarkman will be OK because it is a civil lawsuit.

His words are:

The funny thing is that when VeryDarkMan comes out, he will become more popular.
”Have you ever noticed that anytime Police arrests someone in Nigeria, you become bigger and more popular once you get Now, it is what you do with it immediately you come out that matters. He will be fine. Na civil case.”

Nkechi Blessing criticized blogger Tunde Ednut over a post he made about controversial critic VeryDarkMan was detained.

Remember, the celebrity critic is in a police cell after being detained for allegedly cyberbullying actress Tonto Dikeh?

Tunde responded to his detention by claiming that, as has been the case with individuals previously held by the police, he would become more popular once released.

Nkechi Blessing, who recently threatened to disclose footage of the activist sleeping with men, questioned if the publication of VeryDarkMan will have any impact on the current surge in market pricing for items.

She believes that whatever the government chooses to engage with is incapable of saving them.

Her words are:

“He go come out come become more popular, who him popularity help? Abi Ogun dey Kee all of una? 
“Him popularity reduce prices of things for market? If govt decides to mess you up,the people wey you know,no go fit save you…open mouth wa Dey spill trash…
” Everyone has data,everyone has ring light,we can also jump on trending issues to stay relevant, but we are not clout chasers as many assume…learn to know when to STFU!!!”
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