“My innocent little one had to go through it too.
I’m in so much pain.
God, I am tired.
Pregnancy loss”.

Recall that Alexer Peres Harry, the estranged wife of popular Nigerian musician Harrysong, recently spoke out about their broken marriage. She revealed that her estranged husband told her that he married her out of pity.

Remember that Alexer revealed her split from the musician in an Instagram post last year and begged God for assistance.

She wrote, “I’m officially done; God help me.”

In a viral interview with prominent media personality Daddy Freeze, Alexer said that Harrysong had always informed her that he did not love her.

“He said I would not do any business or make use of social media. I have not been on social media for the past three years.

“He said he married me out of pity and not love”, Alexer reveals.

In another post on Instagram, Alexer asked the general public to hold Harrysong responsible should anything happen to her children.

She also revealed that the singer has not been fulfilling his fatherly role. According to her, the singer had agreed to co-parent but suddenly changed his mind.

She further revealed that the singer seized her phone before wiping away all evidence she had against him.

She wrote:

“@iamharrysong If anything happens to my kids you’ll be held responsible. #deadbeat.

“Those receipts you think you documented I have more too. You think is by blocking me. Let’s co-parent in peace you agreed for just a month and now you say you won’t take responsibility anymore. How? Seized my phone, wiped everything including all evidence I had. You’re still threatening my mom. Have kept quiet enough not anymore.”