How Can A Man Win The Prize For The Best Dressed Female In An Event Organized By Humans? – Filmmaker Ugezu Ugezu Questions

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Ugezu Ugezu, a popular Nigerian movie director, has responded to crossdresser Bobrisky being named Best Dressed Female at a movie presentation in Lagos on Sunday, March 24.

In an Instagram post, Ugezu questioned how this could happen at a human-organised event.

According to him, it is a slap in the face for women who strive so hard to be the greatest versions of themselves for Bobrisky to win that award.

See the post below.


This come after Toyin Abraham, a Nollywood actress, couldn’t contain her rage when crossdresser turned transgender Bobrisky won Best Dressed Female at the Ajanaku film premiere.

According to Etikonaija, Bobrisky, a controversial transwoman, grabbed center stage at a recent movie premiere in Lagos when she was named the “Best Dressed Female” at the high-profile event.

The award ceremony, which was a part of the “Beast of Two Worlds” movie premiere, attracted a lot of attention on social media after a video of Bobrisky accepting a N1 million check appeared online.

Numerous well-dressed female celebrities attended the film premiere, competing for the coveted title of best-dressed. But Bobrisky’s distinctive look and flashy attire were what grabbed the judges’ attention and helped him take first place.

Social media users expressed a mixture of astonishment and laughter at Bobrisky’s victory after the announcement. There was a backlash on social media as many questioned how a transgender person could win an honor that is usually given to biological women.

Bobrisky boldly flaunted his N 1 million check on social media and thanked the event organizers for appreciating his sense of style, dismissing the situation and seeming unfazed by the criticism.

In a viral video, Toyin Abraham was seen expressing surprise that the crossdresser had defeated all female celebrities and guests to claim the title. She could be heard in the video wondering if the organizers were crazy to proclaim him the winner.

Bobrisky surprised many by emerging as the Best Dressed Female at the movie premiere, thanks to multiple amazing costumes. Following his success, the crossdresser received N1 million naira.

She said:

“Bobrisky best-dressed female, if I give you uppercut. Are you guys mad that Bobrisky is winning Best Female? Are you mad? Well, you will give me part of the money”.

Dayo Amusa, a Nollywood actress, also denounced the awarding of the ‘Best Dressed Female’ to popular crossdresser Bobrisky at a recent movie premiere.

She said:

“I was at a colleague of mine premiere yesterday, they said the best dressers are to be picked; one female and one male best dresser. Don’t get me wrong, the winner could be anyone but definitely not a crossdresser. I mean, what’s wrong with us? I don’t understand it.

“I cannot imagine the judges disrespecting every woman that was there. You had to pick a winner, a female best dressed and a male best dressed and you watered the efforts of all the women at the event by giving the best dressed female to a crossdresser. I don’t understand, what is wrong with us?

“If you feel you want to honour crossdressers, you should have created their own category instead of disrespecting women by giving a crossdresser the best dressed female award.”

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