Bobrisky Won N1 Million for ‘Best Dressed Female’ At The Movie Premiere

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Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser has grabbed center stage at a recent movie premiere in Lagos.

The crossdresser was named the “Best Dressed Female” at the high-profile event.

The award ceremony, which was a part of the “Beast of Two Worlds” movie premiere, attracted a lot of attention on social media after a video of Bobrisky accepting a N1 million check appeared online.

Numerous well-dressed female celebrities attended the film premiere, competing for the coveted title of best-dressed.

But Bobrisky’s distinctive look and flashy attire were what grabbed the judges’ attention and helped him take first place.

Social media users expressed a mixture of astonishment and laughter at Bobrisky’s victory after the announcement.

There was a backlash on social media as many questioned how a transgender person could win an honor that is usually given to biological women.

Bobrisky boldly flaunted his N 1 million check on social media and thanked the event organizers for appreciating his sense of style, dismissing the situation and seeming unfazed by the criticism.

Watch video:

Read some comments below:

FS Yusuf said: “Title is “beast of two worlds” so what do you expect”

Tessi stated: “Bobrisky being addressed as best dressed female at the Beast of two worlds movie premiere made everything a joke.”

Lifeofadefiniton wrote: “Imagine a transgender winning awards over the original gender😂😂😂”

TopBoi noted: “yeah we accept he’s trans but tbh she dresses better than those mumu female actors”

Phil Dubem asked: “You give a best dressed female price to a male? 😂😂😂 Nah women I pity sha”

Dobi penned: “Na Man they announce that thing oo . Some people no get shame abeg”

Dy Baby asserted: “We are done for in this country sha”

In other news, Bobrisky, a popular cross-dresser has taken to social media to boast as Nigerians complain of hunger and hardship. He boasted that even if the dollar sells at 3000 naira to 1$, he will still live a comfortable life.

He also reminded Nigerians that when he was working hard, such as cross-dressing, they mocked him and called him names.

On a similar subject matter, he urged netizens not to hide behind Tinubu’s dictatorship and moan about problems because the president had not instructed them not to prepare for the future.

Bobrisky appears to be trying to annoy Nigerians since Etikonaija previously claimed that Bobrisky was boasting about a large food purchase on Instagram. This demonstrates how unconcerned Bobrisky is with the present economic situation.

Posting food and then mocking Nigerians at a time when many people are complaining demonstrates Bobrisky’s desire to retaliate. He hasn’t always gotten along with Nigerians, who have mocked him in the past because of his cross-dressing lifestyle.

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