Reaction As Asake Unfollows Olamide, Yhemolee, Others On IG

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Nigerian music superstar Ahmed Ololade, often known as Asake, has made an audacious move online.

The “Lonely At The Top” singer didn’t hold back, wiping off every single photo from his Instagram profile and unfollowing all of his fans.

Asake went even further, breaking relations with everyone on Instagram, including his mentor Olamide, and close buddy Yhemo Lee. A glance at his page proved that no one was exempt from his digital cleanup.

Asake’s Instagram revamp sparked a firestorm on social media, igniting heated disagreement among internet users. While some were outraged, accusing him of arrogance and emulating Wizkid’s mass unfollowing binge, others saw his actions through a different lens.

An alternative story evolved, with some attributing Asake’s actions to the fulfillment of a pastor’s prophetic prophesy.

Recall that Daniel Regha, a popular Twitter critic has lambasted Nigerian singers Asake and Omah Lay, accusing them of insulting Christianity in their new music videos.

Daniel Regha specifically targeted Asake’s new video for the song “Only Me” and Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost” track. Daniel Regha, an influential Twitter user, criticized Asake for what he saw as a clear disdain for Christianity in the “Only Me” music video.

He pointed out instances in which Asake wore attire, participated in Holy Communion, and displayed an inverted cross, which is commonly seen as an anti-Christian sign.

Daniel Regha contended that the song itself had no religious subject or mention of the Roman Catholic Church, making the use of such aggressive imagery superfluous and disrespectful to the Christian religion.

He stressed that the inclusion of religious symbols and gestures in the video, directed by TG Omori, constituted purposeful insensitivity rather than artistic expression.

The Twitter user did not stop with Asake; he also criticized Omah Lay for his “Holy Ghost” single, claiming that it was derogatory to Christianity.

Daniel Regha argued that Omah Lay’s song and Asake’s video were offensive and that any Christian who appreciated them was mocking God.

Furthermore, Daniel Regha slammed TG Omori, the music producer who directed the contentious videos.

He accused TG Omori of repeatedly utilizing his video creations to incite sacrilege.

Solomon Buchi also tackled Asake on Twitter after he released visuals for his chart-topping song, ‘Only Me’.

The singer confirmed the song’s release on Thursday.

The visuals, directed by TG Omori, showed Asake dressed as a priest and delivering communion in a setting evocative of a hallowed church.

To add to the spectacle, his ensemble of video vixens wore the austere dress of altar servers, who assist priests during religious events.

The video sparked outrage on social media, notably on Platform X, where people accused Asake, a Muslim, of repeatedly denigrating the Christian faith.

Some people used a clip from his ‘Bandana’ video, in which black goats invade a church, as more proof to bolster their assertions.

He said:

“Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos. Dramatizing giving the Eucharist, robed up in priestly regalia for a music video that has no connection with Christianity is disrespectful,”

“In his Bandana video, he depicts black goats troping into the church, with cloven tongues of fire above weird men. Asake, I think, is a Muslim. Why doesn’t he go above and beyond to embarrass his Muslim faith in this same way?

“Why do Christians even listen to these musicians who bluntly disrespect Christianity?” Solomon Buchi, the life coach, wrote

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