Why I Held Back From Beating Up Portable – Kesari Breaks Silence Fight With Controversial Singer (Video)

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Popular influencer Kesari Okala has stated that if not for one reason, he would have beaten the crap out of controversial musician Portable.

Remember that the two clashed after meeting in Lagos’ famous Computer Village.

The incident generated a situation that almost resulted in physical conflict.

Portable attacked the influencer twice in the video as a result of their long-running feud about who owns the term ‘Kesari’.

In a follow-up video on his Facebook, Kesari confessed that he purposefully refrained from hitting Portable into a stupor to avoid being seen as a ‘hooligan.’

In his words:

Okay now Nigerians, if I had handled the guy for you, you’d have called me a hooligan. Who does that? This is pain!”
Watch video:

Portable, a controversial street musician, has fired shots at his colleague, BNXN. He said that he is a lot bigger artist with more elegance than the ‘Pray’ singer. This follows the turmoil that erupted after BNXN subtly criticized Davido.

Portable just came to Instagram to boast about his importance compared to that of BNXN.

He provided a snapshot of the number of followers he has accumulated during his rise to fame with BNXN, stating that he is the most followed artist among the two.

He wrote:

“Bojuboju Am faster bigger than buju if Grace work for you them go talk say na juju my face show pass your face “

Meanwhile, Solomon Buchi, a relationship therapist and life counselor, has made a claim against popular singer, Portable.

He claimed that Portable has not been blessed by God.

He said this on X. Remember how an X user questioned why God continues to reward controversial artist Portable despite his lifestyle?

Dami came to his X platform to pose the question.

Solomon Buchi responded to the tweet, claiming that Portable’s blessings are not from the Lord.

His words are:

 “Portable is not blessed according to the Lord. The blessings of the Lord are in our response to Godliness- a regeneration of our desires, and minds and redemption of our souls. 
“That being said, having earthly riches is greatly subject to general earthly principles of hard work, courage and consistency. No matter who you are, if you work hard, stay courageous and consistently do a thing, your chances of succeeding increase.
“However, it is still the Lord that maps our life’s lot, because some people(believers and unbelievers) will never amass a certain kind of earthly riches and power. 
“That’s why godliness with contentment is a better perspective than riches. Stay diligent, hard-working, positive, courageous, confident, stewarding your skills in your chosen profession or vocation. If you get rich, glory to Jesus. 
“If you don’t get rich, glory to Jesus. Don’t overwork yourself seeking riches. No riches are greater than the eternal life of Christ. Remember, you’re not sustained by your hands, Jireh looks after the lazy flowers, how much more you?”.
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