“Mr Ibu And Herbert Wigwe’s Death Caused By Foundational Curses” – Apostle Johnson Suleman

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Apostle Johnson Suleman, the senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, has shed light on what he regards as an unusual familial pattern involving the deaths of two notable Nigerian people, Mr Ibu and Herbert Wigwe.

According to Apostle Suleman, the circumstances surrounding their deaths indicate the presence of underlying curses.

Apostle Suleman noted the unusual circumstances surrounding Mr Ibu and Herbert Wigwe’s deaths, indicating that they were not common occurrences.

He cited a string of unfortunate incidents that have affected their separate families, demonstrating a pattern that cannot be ignored.

Regarding Mr Ibu, Apostle Suleman stated that both his grandpa and father died as a result of poisoning and that Mr Ibu, too, met a horrible end.

This remark points to a problematic family background, raising doubts regarding the nature of these fatalities.

Similarly, Apostle Suleman highlighted the disasters that have befallen Herbert Wigwe’s family.

He said that Herbert’s older brother perished in an accident, followed by his sister, who died similarly while returning from her honeymoon.

Surprisingly, Herbert Wigwe suffered a similar fate, suggesting a troubling trend of disaster in his family.

Apostle Johnson Suleman stressed the presence of fundamental curses and their potential influence on people, regardless of their religious affiliation.

He emphasized the need to break the curses to avert similar outcomes.

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In other news, Jasmine Okafor, a content creator and actress, has expressed her sadness at the death of her adoptive father, legendary actor John Okafor, often known as Mr Ibu.

She used her social media page to express her sadness at his passing.

She says she is mourning all of the difficulties he had to go through before dying. According to her, the sad death of Ibu has left her broken.

She wrote:

 “Goodnight papa ! You will forever be remembered for the love you gave,and the laughter you brought am grateful to God that I was able to give back that love till the very end.
Despite all that was said , every single good I did was translated to €vil, you always promised me that the day you will speak , the world will listen and that gave me the audacity to carry on. Now I am brok€n because that day is never coming, maybe the stories will never end, maybe the bull¥ing will never stop but I know and I’m grateful for the ray of hope you gave me even when you felt hopeless.
Every single good I did was paid In hundred folds with €vil , from the hands of the same people that was never really there for you when you needed them the most but daddy you know what matters the most amidst all these accusations? You never talked down on me , you appreciated me till your very last moment.
“I am not mourning your d€ath, I’m mourning all the pains you had to endure” Jasmine pens emotional tribute to her adopted father, Mr Ibu
The pains you endured in the last days , you did with a smile, I am not mourning your d€ath, I’m mourning all the pains you had to endure, over 15 successful surgeries, you are indeed a fighter! You fought d€ath severally until it claws successfully over powered you.
I hope you find true happiness, peace and rest in the bosom of God! Make sure God laughs at all your jokes and Angels roll on the floor from every conversation with you..
I lost a hero, Heaven gained an Angel.
Adieu Papa!!!”
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