As A Parent, Would You Allow Your Rich Son Marry A Singe Mother? – Actress Uche Elendu Asks

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Uche Elendu, a well-known actress from Nigeria, has posted a significant question online.

She questioned if parents would be okay with their sons marrying a divorcee or single mother who has children in a post that was posted on her Instagram page.

This occurs when Queen Atang, a former BBNaija housemate who is the mother of a kid born to skit creator Lord Lamba, is married to her fiancé, David, and receives backlash from social media users for being married to a single mother.

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Actress Anita Joseph, however, took to her comment section to voice her thoughts and provide a direct response. She said that it was none of her concern and that she would let her son marry such a woman as long as it makes him happy.

Anointed Hands said: “Yes, kids don’t discern that a woman is a bad woman, but sometimes it’s the scars left by the trauma and emotional damage. It’s a sign of strength rather than a sign of promiscuity.”

Dan had this to say:  “Every single woman here commenting would say yes, but of course, in reality, we all know they would say otherwise. Social media is not the best place to get real answers to this question.”

Abigail had this to say: “My answer is hell no. My son cannot marry a divorcee with a kid. I cannot allow my son to marry a single mother with a kid, not to talk of a divorcee.”

In other news, Alexer Peres, Harrysong’s estranged wife, has appealed for assistance on social media.

She stated that others want her dead.

Alexer claims that this occurred as a result of the singer giving his side chicks her phone number, which prompted unwanted calls and threats against her life.

She revealed this on her Instagram account, stating that up until she started getting phone threats threatening her life, she had been calmly going about her own business.

Alexer said that strange phone numbers are being used by Harrysong’s side girls to threaten her if she tells the truth.

She said:

 “Pls have been minding my business lately oo all those side fowls and co .that you’re giving my number to, calling me with unknown numbers that they’ll deal with me for saying my truth I’m keeping the record. Those ones you’re posting all in the name of music. I’m sure you know I know them if I find out, they’re the ones I’ll repost their faces.”

Remember that Alexer revealed her split from the musician in an Instagram post last year and begged God for assistance.

She wrote, “I’m officially done; God help me.”

In a viral interview with prominent media personality Daddy Freeze, Alexer said that Harrysong had always informed her that he did not love her.

“He said I would not do any business or make use of social media. I have not been on social media for the past three years.

“He said he married me out of pity and not love”, Alexer reveals.

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