We Can’t Fold Our Arms Again, Nigerians Are Dying – Sultan of Sokoto Laments

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Muhammad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto, has once again expressed concern over the hunger and hardship in the country.

He bemoaned that the country’s economic crisis that has spiraled out of control and that Nigerians are starving.

The traditional ruler addressed the 6th executive committee meeting of the Northern Traditional Rulers Council (NTRC), which was held in Kaduna State on Wednesday.

He stated that instability and poverty are the main causes of problems for the people of the north.

“To make matters worse, we are faced with rising levels of poverty of most of our people; a lack of normal sources of livelihood for the common man to have even a good meal a day,” he said.
“But I believe talking about insecurity and the rising level of poverty are two issues that we cannot fold our arms and think everything is okay.
“I have said it so many times and at so many fora that, things are not okay in Nigeria and of course, things are not okay in the north.
“To me, this government is a continuation of the former government; it is the same party.
“So, what really is the problem? I think that is one of the reasons we are here to talk to ourselves.”
The Sultan stated that traditional rulers owe it to Nigerians who trust in traditional institutions to provide solutions to the country’s numerous difficulties.
“Education is important, so whatever issue you want to bring here, you must talk about education, you must talk about health issues and of the two monsters that have been harassing all of us here that is insecurity and poverty,” he said.
“And let’s not take it for granted; people are quiet, they are quiet for a reason because people have been talking to them.
‘We have been talking to them, we have been trying to tell them things will be okay and they keep on believing.
“I pray to Almighty Allah that they will not one day wake up and say we no longer believe in you, because that would be the biggest problem because we can’t quieten these people as traditional, spiritual leaders and diplomats forever.
“We have reached that level, people are very agitated, people are hungry, they are angry, but they still believe there are people who can talk to them, they believe in some of their governors, some other traditional rulers, and some of their religious leaders.
“Fortunately, some of us double as traditional and religious leaders.
“So, we have this onerous task of reaching out to everybody, calming them down, and assuring them things will be okay, and they should continue to pray and pray and still do something good because prayer without work will not bring anything.”
Abubakar also voiced worry about the millions of unemployed youngsters, stating that they constitute a severe threat to the country.
“We must find jobs for our teeming youths that are sitting idle and I have said it so many times, we sit on a keg of gunpowder, having teeming youths millions of them, without jobs, without food, we are looking for trouble,” he added.
He added that the council is ready to work with the governors.
“And if the governors too want to have peace and stability in their states, they must work with the traditional leaders,” he said.
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  1. It is well avatar
    It is well

    All people that was clapping hands and dancing with Tinubu has now beginning to cry and regret. You people won’t stop to amaze me, I thought you guys has a different market where only APC members buy things cheap. If you do soon to cry, that’s mean before Tinubu complete his 4 years, all of you will die if hunger.

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